A movie about Continuum could only be made by someone who has experienced it over time. Hanna Heiting, through her own practice of the work, exquisite eye for imagery and rhythm, has gifted the Continuum community, the somatic field and the art world with EM Moves, a movie that transmits the feeling of Continuum through the sense of actually being in a workshop, the sight of Emilie moving and, ultimately, a subtle but unmistakable call to move in the Continuum way. Portrayed as a visionary in somatic healing and also as a multi-dimensional, dancer, writer and performer, Emilie is not only an inspiration for transforming one¹s own challenging legacy but also an invitation for all of us to profoundly live our full potential.

­Erla Leon, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Artist

The rhythm of the film itself seems to embody the fluidity and intervals that Emilie speaks of... not chaotically vibrating like the mechanical and electronic technologies of our modern times but pulsing organically like the frequencies of the earth and embryos and an undulating dancer. EM Moves invites you to turn off your smartphones, tune in to your breathing, and sink into the harmonious interplay of sounds, images, words, movements and ideas. If you allow it -- you will find your mind expanded and your heart opened from this exquisite journey.

­James Seligman, Documentary filmmaker

Hanna captured the medicine of Emilie's work, not by talking about or trying to show it, but by allowing it to be there as the Field in the backdrop of every moment in the film. The soundscape she and Yuval Ron created acts as a bridge, assisting viewers to understand they are entering an experience that forever changes the way they see themselves and the world.

­Cass Phelps, Creator of the Awake-One work

I just wanted to tell you what a FANTASTIC job you did with your "love letter." I was moved to tears in parts, and you so wonderfully captured Emilie, I was also smiling. Thank you for your creation! The fact that the film embodies the essence of its subject, in content as well as in structure, is the other great point of your work.

­Linda Ivarie- Kaplan, Producer, "Mending The Sacred Hoop: A Nation Heals"

How does one explain Continuum, with all its layers of magic and mystery, when for each of us it is a different experience? How does one explain the connection to the body and the world around us that we each feel when we do Continuum? Rather than tell us, Hanna invites us in to experience Emilie's world as she knows it. This film is a treasure.

­Zippora Karz, Former Soloist NYCB, Author The Sugarless Plum

Beautifully crafted with love, Em Moves is a tribute to Emilie Conrad and her re-evolutional movement work, Continuum.

­Lynette Kessler, Founder and Director, Dance Camera West

Hanna Heiting¹s film about Emilie Conrad and her Continuum movement is extraordinary for it invites the viewer to personally experience what Continuum is. The film¹s poetic style, with its empty spaces, compels you to create according to your own frame of reference. The film gracefully implores you to find the accessible within and without and access it. You feel caressed by the film and its very form.

Many of the concepts embraced by Emilie¹s Continuum philosophy are similar to the philosophical viewpoint of Indian Vedic tradition. The concept of ³Neti Neti² or ³Not this not this² is artfully demonstrated in this film. The importance of a seeker attaining the understanding of non-dichotomous thinking or seeing life not as right and wrong, good and evil, reward and punishment is where Continuum and Vedic philosophy truly parallel each other. How life becomes a series of closures and openings for the conscious seeker is so well portrayed here both verbally and visually.

­Vidya Dasi, Ayurvedic Teacher and Therapist, Vedic Astrologer

Hanna Heiting's film, EM Moves, is an absorbing portrait of Continuum, the brilliant life's work of Emilie Conrad, a former dancer who invented Continuum's healing system of movement. Much has been documented about the facts of her methods, but Heiting's film tells it from the inside. As a long time student of Continuum, this filmmaker creates an intimate, poetic, breathtaking experience for the viewer.

­Joan Hotchkis is a writer, an actress and performance artist.